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Universe Scale

and expansion is possible is that as soon as the length-scales in the universe become microscopic, it enters a regime where the quantum properties of space. Explore the scale of the Universe from the proton to what we can observe. Weitere Informationen. Minimieren. Neue Funktionen. Explore the scale of the. The Scale of the Universe 2 Englisch: Mit "The Scale of the Universe" reisen Sie in einer interaktiven Flash-Animation durch den Mikro- und.

The Scale of the Universe: Durch das Universum scrollen

Meter, Kilometer etc., aber auch 10er-Potenzen) angezeigt. Bezug zu Lehrmitteln​: mathbuch 2, LU 16 "Zehn hoch". Links. The Scale of. Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Scale of the Universe 2. Lade The Scale of the. Explore the scale of the Universe from the proton to what we can observe. Weitere Informationen. Minimieren. Neue Funktionen. Explore the scale of the.

Universe Scale Outer limit of the universe Video

Universe Size Comparison 2020

Universe Scale Schöne Klänge: Webtipps zum Lauschen und Entspannen Bevor es so richtig wieder losgeht, Ferien und Lotto24 Ch zu Ende sind, nutzen wir die Zeit zum Entspannen und stellen zwei Internetseiten vor, die dabei helfen. Microsoft Store Windows Store Microsoft Store Windows Store Mit der Microsoft Store rufen Sie Microsofts Angebot an Windows-Apps und Hardware-Produkten auch im Browser auf. Zürich 6. The millimeter is the limit to our naked eye vision. Universcale is a web content page that helps you grasp the relative sizes of everything Nfl Modus tiny objects in the nanoworld to colossal objects in outer space. Its other main parts include a tail which consists mostly of the cilia necessary for motion, and the neck which connects the head and tail. This 'intellectual life form' uses tools and fire, speaks languages, builds civilizations, probes space with Football Tips Fc technology, and works to unfathom the wonders of the microscopic world. Heliosphere Edge of the solar system.

Cosmology and astronomy. Scale of earth, sun, galaxy and universe. Scale of the large Opens a modal. Scale of the small Opens a modal.

Scale of earth and sun Opens a modal. Scale of solar system Opens a modal. Scale of distance to closest stars Opens a modal.

Scale of the galaxy Opens a modal. Intergalactic scale Opens a modal. Hubble image of galaxies Opens a modal. Solar System bodies have real terrain models obtained by space probes; realistic hi-detail terrain on procedural planets.

Pilot star ships with realistic orbital mechanics, Alcubierre warp drives, and aerodynamics in planetary atmospheres. Import space ship models, planetary surface textures and terrain, astronomical catalogs, and more.

If you like SpaceEngine, buy it on Steam or provide additional support via Paypal. Space Engine the universe simulator. Universe simulator. Download SpaceEngine Download SpaceEngine.

All types of celestial objects represented. Galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and asteroids. Thousands of known celestial objects.

Incredibly huge and realistic Universe. Trillions of galaxies with billions of star systems in each, everything is realistically scaled. Easy navigation many useful tools.

Save locations and name objects. Observe the Universe in motion. A collection of dozens of galaxies is called a local group of galaxies.

Members of the local group of galaxies containing the Milky Way include the Andromeda Galaxy M31 which is twice the size of the Milky Way, as well as the Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud which are large groups of stars near the Milky Way.

The Andromeda Galaxy is 2. They may be 'near' in astronomical terms, but are actually separated by incredible distances. The diameter of the local group of galaxies is approximately 6 million light years.

The galaxy to which the Solar System belongs. It contains roughly billion fixed stars. The central thick area is called the bulge, and the surrounding flat area, the disc.

A high-temperature cluster of gas called the halo surrounds the galaxy in a spherical shape. The Solar System is located on the disc about 30 thousand light years away from the center.

The galaxy was first observed through telescope by the famous Galileo Galilei. A nebula visible to the naked eye close to the three aligned stars of the Orion.

It is approximately light years from the Sun and is shaped like a bird with spread wings. The distance from the tip of one wing to the other is about 30 light years.

This nebula actually consists of the glowing of interstellar gas, and it is known to contain many newborn stars.

The Solar System consists of the central Sun, eight planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune , dwarf planets including Pluto and smaller celestial bodies.

The distance from the Sun to Neptune, the farthest planet from the Sun, is about 4. The Solar System was formed about 4. The other planets are believed to have formed from the gas and dust which remained in the surrounding area.

Betelgeuse is a distinctly reddish, first-magnitude variable star in the constellation of Orion. Its distance from Earth is estimated to be light years, and its mass and diameter are approximately times that of our Sun.

If Betelgeuse were at the center of our Solar System, its surface would perhaps extend to the orbit of Jupiter. Betelgeuse is old for its size class and is expected to explode relatively soon.

The Sun, which showers many blessings on the Earth, is large enough for more than Earths to be lined up along its equator. Its mass is the equivalent of thousand Earths.

It has a core temperature of approximately 15 million degrees Celsius, and a surface temperature of approximately 6, degrees Celsius.

The black spots, which form in strong magnetic fields, are somewhat cooler at about 3, degrees Celsius. Plasma, emitted by the Sun, reaches the earth to trigger auroras.

In about 5 billion years, the Sun is expected to deplete its hydrogen supply and become a red giant, expand and then finally cool down.

Jupiter, with its beautiful stripes, is the largest planet in the Solar System and is a typical gaseous planet. Its diameter is about 11 times that of Earth and its volume about times.

Its rotational speed is the fastest among the planets, at 9 hours and 56 minutes per revolution. Near the equator on the southern hemisphere of Jupiter, there is a gigantic atmospheric swirl called the Great Red Spot.

In the late 19 century, this giant swirl had a diameter stretching 40, km, matching the distance of three Earths.

However, observations in indicate it has shrunk to a diameter of about 16, km and is growing smaller every year.

A giant gaseous planet, like Jupiter, positioned sixth from the Sun. Its most prominent feature, its large surrounding rings, were first discovered by Galileo Galilei.

As telescopes of the times were primitive by today's standards, Galileo described Saturn as having ears in his notebook. Saturn's rings consist mainly of ice and rock particles, and rotate faster towards the inside planet side of the rings.

In addition, Saturn has many satellites, of which the most famous, Titan, has a diameter of about 5, km.

The seventh planet of the Solar System, accidentally discovered in by William Herschel of England. Its most unusual feature is its rotational axis which is tilted 98 degrees from the orbital axis, orbiting around the Sun almost toppled over sideways.

It is believed that shortly after Uranus was born, it collided with a giant celestial body causing its rotational axis to tip over.

Cloud movements observed by Voyager 2 in demonstrated that a violent wind in the range of 7, km per hour blows on Uranus.

The eighth planet in the Solar System, discovered through the powers of mathematics. Following the discovery of Uranus in , it was found that its actual observed orbit deviated from the theoretical orbit derived from Newton's law of gravity.

Mathematicians John Adams and Urbain Le Verrier hypothesized that this was caused by Uranus' orbit being disrupted by the gravitational pull of an unknown planet.

They calculated the location of this new planet. In , Galle at a German observatory, made a search based on their calculations and finally discovered Neptune.

The planet on which mankind lives, the only aqueous planet in the Solar System, positioned third from the sun.

The atmospheric layer, consisting mainly of nitrogen and oxygen, stores heat from the sun while the ozone layer, approximately km above the ground, absorbs hazardous UV rays.

There are currently many serious environmental issues such as the rising temperatures due to carbon dioxide emissions global warming and the destruction of the ozone layer by chlorofluorocarbons.

The orbital period of the Earth is approximately It experiences seasonal changes owing to the tilt of its rotational axis. Venus, familiarly referred to as the morning or evening star.

Because of its similarity in size to the Earth, Venus has, in the past, been theorized to be Earth's twin planet. However, investigations revealed that Venus, with a surface temperature of about degrees Celsius, has an environment completely unlike that of the Earth.

Starting with Venera 1 of the former Soviet Union in , a great number of probe spacecraft have been launched, only to be destroyed by the high temperatures and pressure in the range of 90 times that of Earth.

Venera 7 became the first to successfully land in In Europe, Mars was named after Mars, the god of war, from the auburn glow of its surface which is suggestive of blood.

It is about half the size of the Earth. In , an American businessman named Percival Lowell announced that the striations seen on the surface of Mars consisted of waterways built by a sophisticated civilization.

However, this 'Martian' theory was later disclaimed by research. Mars features diverse geological formations, including a volcano 25, m in height and a giant canyon 4, km long.

Mercury, the second smallest planet in the Solar System next to Pluto with a diameter of approximately 4, km about two fifths that of the Earth.

Its orbital period is short at 88 days while in contrast, its rotational period is long at 59 days. Therefore, a single solar day lasts for days, with daytime temperatures as high as degrees Celsius, dropping to degrees Celsius at night.

Although Mercury used to be shrouded in mystery, the American Mariner 10, launched in revealed facts such as the existence of giant craters 1, km in diameter.

The Moon is Earth's only satellite and the celestial body closest to the Earth. It is about one fourth the size of the Earth.

The difference between these two sizes is often likened to the difference in size between a table tennis ball 40 mm and a pinball 11 mm.

There are countless craters on the Moon's surface, said to number over thousand just on the side facing the Earth. Soil and rock samples were brought back to Earth in the voyage to the moon made in by Captain Armstrong and his crew of the Apollo 11, who took the first step on the moon in the history of mankind.

Surveillance studies of the moon continue to this day. The highest mountain in the world, towering on the border between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

The Tibetan name "Chomolungma" means "Goddess of the Earth" or "Mother Goddess of the World. An expedition team from India measured the mountain's height, including the snowcap, as 8, m in The height excluding the snowcap was found to be 8, Not only is it the highest mountain in Japan, but it has been worshiped as a spiritual peak since ancient times.

It was formed through eruption. Roughly 11 thousand years ago, an explosion occurred on the west side of the peak of Old Fuji, and the Mount Fuji we know today New Fuji was formed from the multitudes of lava which gushed out at the time.

Later, the Old Fuji and New Fuji were stood side-by-side, but an avalanche caused by weathering destroyed the Old Fuji, leaving the New Fuji to remain standing as we see it today.

A waterfall boasting the largest height for any single-drop fall in the world. It is located approximately km south-southeast of the state capital, Ciudad Bolivar on the Zurn River, a tributary of the Caroni River, and drops almost vertically from the Auyan-Tepui table mountains located in the central Guiana Highlands.

Due to the length of the drop, the falling water turns to mist in midair, thus it is also known as a waterfall with no basin. The waterfall is named after the American explorer James Angel who discovered it in One of the world's largest monoliths.

It has a perimeter of about m and reaches to a height of approximately m above sea level about m above the ground.

From its majestic appearance in the middle of the desolate desert, it is referred to as "the navel of the earth.

The rock changes color from orange to red to purple as the sun moves across the sky. This is the tallest building in the world, which stands in Dubai, the largest city in UAE.

The height from the ground to its spire is meters, and it has more than stories. Burj is an Arabic word meaning "tower," and Khalifa is taken from the name of the president of the UAE, who is recognized for his service in the construction of the building.

The tower, whose design was inspired by a flower named Hymenocallis, centers around the core structure with 3 wings hanging out in a Y-spiral.

The building not only has an aesthetic appearance but also has an outstanding structure from the perspective of functionality such as strength, ease of construction and cost.

Plans were drawn up during the robust economy of the 's, but construction work was not actually initiated until following the Great Depression.

Although it may seem hard to believe, when it was first built, it was short of tenants and virtually empty for some time.

At floors and m high, it reigned as the highest building in the world until it lost its position to Sears Tower. Its official name is Dom St. Peter und Maria.

The cathedral is the largest German gothic architecture in the world. Its construction started in after being commissioned by the archbishop, but required centuries for its completion.

A portion of the interior was completed in , but the stained glass windows took from the beginning of the 14th century to the 16th century, while construction of the transept spanned from to the end of the 15th century.

Construction work was suspended once in , but was resumed in upon the orders of the king of Bayern and was completed in after more than years.

Its twin towers are m high and approximately 61 m wide. Giant quadrangular pyramid constructions built around B. There are various theories regarding the purpose of their construction, including those that claim they were tombs of kings, or public works projects during the agricultural off season.

The world's tallest pyramid is the primary pyramid of King Khufu standing on the Giza Plateau. It is m high, with each side of the base being m long.

Roughly 2. One of the many remaining mysteries of the pyramid is the precision of its dimensions. The discrepancy between the four bases of the pyramid is only 50 cm, which corresponds to just 0.

The "London Eye," one of the world's largest ferris wheels, stands on the south shore of the Thames River across from the London County Hall at a height of meters and weighing tons.

It was built as part of Britain's millennium project. A giant person capsule takes you on a pleasant aerial voyage, traveling full circle in about 30 minutes.

In midair, you have a panoramic view of such London landmarks as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Saint Paul's Cathedral. On a sunny day, this view may reach as far as 40 kilometers.

In March , the record for the world's largest Ferris wheel was broken by the "Singapore Flyer" in Singapore, standing at a height of meters.

The symbol of freedom which dominates Liberty Island, New York. Created by the French sculptor Bartholdi, it was presented to the USA. The Statue is approximately 46 m high standing on a pedestal of 47 m, and weighs roughly tons.

She carries a torch in the right hand and the Declaration of Independence in the left. With her left foot, she steps on the chains of tyranny.

The seven spikes in her crown represent the seas and continents of the world, spreading the message of freedom throughout the world.

The world's largest tree. There are huge Redwood and Sequoia trees on the west coast of North America, some of which live for over years.

The largest tree in the world is named General Sherman and is growing wild in the Sequoia National Park at approximately 83 m high with a diameter of 11 m, and is estimated to be years old.

The volume of the trunk was 1, cubic meters in , and is said to have reached cubic meters as of now.

A forest of over 30 giant Sequoia trees extends throughout the park. Flying from city to city worldwide, the jet-engine plane has changed our concepts of distance and time with its high speed and transportation capacity.

In the 's, aircraft of a larger scale were developed in response to the sudden increase in demand for the air transportation of passengers and cargo together with the overcrowding of airports.

The Boeing was one such plane and, with repeated upgrades since its first flight in , it still crisscrosses the skies today.

The initial model has a body length of The triumphal arch which stands in the Place Charles De Gaulle in Paris, France.

Its construction was started in as a monument to Napoleon's conquests, and was completed in It boasts a height of 50 m and width of 45m, and is adorned with various relief sculptures, such as "The Departure of the Volunteers of ," a masterpiece by sculptor Rude, as well as works by romanticist sculptors.

Inside, there is a resting place for an unknown soldier and even now, at every evening, a memorial flame is lit.

Centering on the Arc de Triomphe, twelve main streets, including the Champs Elysees radiate out in all directions and from the top, a panoramic view of the modern city of Paris can be seen.

An imaginary creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man. It was regarded as the symbol of "the mysteries of life, ignorance, and evil" in medieval Europe, as it had proposed a riddle to Oedipus in Greek myth.

It dates back to the earliest era of Egyptian civilization. The Sphinx, which sits in front of the pyramids of Giza, at 73 m in length and 20 m in height, is the world's largest and oldest statue.

The lion symbolizes Pharaoh the king while the king's headdress Nemes on the human head symbolizes power. It is believed to have been modeled after King Khafre himself, who ruled in the Fourth Dynasty around the year before Christ.

A large ocean mammal. Presently, about 82 species have been identified. Of these, the Blue Whale is the largest in the world. Measurements as large as approximately Melville, the author of the literary work "Moby-Dick: or, the White Whale" likened the greatness and power of the whale to the destructive power of the universe.

Research into the mechanisms of the high intelligence and communication abilities possessed by many whales is currently in progress. Although double decker buses can be seen in various countries worldwide, the most well known is the Double Decker of London.

It was successfully put into service for the first time in London in The following year, the route carriages that had been the main means of transportation were forced to be abolished.

In the following year, horse traffic, hitherto main public transportation of London, was replaced by the buses, and disappeared from London.

The 4. The Routemasters have long been one of the most popular public transportation among both locals and tourists. The Routemasters have been replaced by the new Bendy buses in , however, they have not completely disappeared, as they still run in the heritage routes today.

The tallest of the land mammals. There is an anecdote saying that during Creation, the gods were hard pressed for ideas and so gathered the left-over odd body parts which they put together to make the giraffe.

Its peculiar shape, with its long neck and short torso, front legs that are longer than the hind legs, are testimony to the efforts of evolution in trying to adapt itself to its natural environment.

The largest giraffe on record was a male Masai giraffe named George, brought to England from Kenya in , who stood 5.

The largest land animal in the world. It has an elongated upper lip, a dexterous trunk and large ears, and leisurely roams the forests and Savannah of Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

It is highly intelligent and docile despite its mighty form, thus has been close to man religiously and culturally, in various regions of the world for over years.

However, due to overexploitation for their ivory tusks, the numbers of elephants are decreasing. Of large African elephants, there is one on record for weighing roughly 10 tons, with shoulder height at about 4 m about 3 m is the average , in Angola in The largest species of all present-day living birds.

It inhabits Africa. Although it has wings it cannot fly, but runs at 60 km per hour or faster upon sensing danger. The male is about 2.

It also lays the largest egg of all birds. A large egg may measure 15 cm in diameter and weigh 1, g. The ostrich is polygamous with females each laying eggs in the nest made by the one male.

These many eggs are kept and protected by one male alone at night, and by several females in turns by day. An annual plant native to North America, comprising approximately varieties.

In the northern hemisphere, it flowers from July to September high above the ground, proudly announcing the summer season.

The tallest on record was found in Germany in , at 9. The flower at the far end of the straight, upward-reaching stem is also large. The largest one on record was grown in Canada in , with a diameter of 82 cm.

It is often referred to as the "flower of the sun" from its sunny shape and the fact that it turns to face the sun.

The human, who continues evolution as homo sapiens. This 'intellectual life form' uses tools and fire, speaks languages, builds civilizations, probes space with sophisticated technology, and works to unfathom the wonders of the microscopic world.

This is the Scale of the Universe in size-to-scale version. From Left to Right and then Top to Bottom: 1 Part 1 2 Part 2 3 Part 3 4 Part 4 5 Part 5 (1 pixel = 10 billion light-years) Vecoverse (40 billion light-years) Observable Universe (93 billion light-years) Universe ( billion light-years) 1 Trillion light-years Drion Nici Supercluster Complex ( trillion light-years) 1 Vigintillion. Explore the scale of the universe on this interactive page. Go from astronaut all the way to the observable universe!. The Scale of the Universe takes you on a ride down to the smallest thing theorized by scientists and then out to the vastness of the universe. The interactive opens with a variety of objects shown on the screen, from a Giant Earthworm to a hummingbird. Below those images is a scroll bar that you can use to explore a diversity of sizes. Unit: Scale of the universe. Lessons. Scale of earth, sun, galaxy and universe. Learn. Scale of the large (Opens a modal) Scale of the small (Opens a modal) Scale of. Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, inc.

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Musik Wie klein wir doch sind, wenn man sich die Ausmaße des Universums anschaut. Mit der Animation 'The Scale of the Universe' scrollen Sie durch ebendieses. Meter, Kilometer etc., aber auch 10er-Potenzen) angezeigt. Bezug zu Lehrmitteln​: mathbuch 2, LU 16 "Zehn hoch". Links. The Scale of. Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe | Watzke, Megan, Arcand, Kimberly | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und. Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Scale of the Universe 2. Lade The Scale of the. Starting with Venera 1 of the former Soviet Union ina great number of probe spacecraft Arcade Klassiker been launched, only Tortenboden Dr Oetker be destroyed by the high temperatures and pressure in the range of 90 times that of Earth. The distance from the Sun to Neptune, the farthest planet from the Sun, is about 4. Some well-known substances, when scaled down to nanoscale size, exhibit new functions and properties that differ from those in their natural state. Radius of observable universe correction Opens a modal. They are sanitary pests who pass on pathogenic agents by sucking blood from humans and others using their long probosces. Up until the Industrial Revolution, the most Biggest Slot Win In Vegas unit used in measurement and in manufacturing was the millimeter. Although it may seem Lottozahlen GlГјckszahlen to believe, when it was first built, it was short of tenants and virtually empty for some time. The characteristics Bayern Sponsor the yeast best suited to wine-making Havana Club Union the creation of a unique, rich flavor. The human body, with its meticulously precise mechanisms where a myriad of muscles, nerves, cells and the movement of mind correlate togetherholds infinite potential. Since the development of the electron microscope in the 's, we have become able to visually confirm the existence of the virus instead of merely hypothesizing about it in the experimental world. Universe simulator. During the Dunder Casino of colonization by England, Americans' minting of their own Parkmania was restricted. How can the universe be infinite if it started expanding Next Up: Human-Size Things, Buildings and Mountains! Blog. Dec. 11, Top 10 blogs in for remote teaching and learning; Dec. 11, Universcale lets you see and understand the relative size of the full range of known objects in our universe. You can see the relative sizes of objects arranged on a single scale, and grasp the sizes of things that you cannot compare side by side in the real world. Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn the scale of things along the way! Press left or right or drag the scroll bar to zoom in and out. Press down to toggle quality. Sequel! Wrong version! Swirly version! Portuguese version. Back.
Universe Scale
Universe Scale


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